Outsourcing Programs

Our main objective is to offer a complete solution for Radiopharmacies, assisting in the planning and realization of improvements, adaptation to current standards, quality assurance, optimization of costs, insertion of new technologies and protocols, and development of clinical studies and innovations. With a minimum duration of 12 months, the program consists of four phases:


  • 1

    Internal training

    With a duration of one month, the first phase consists of the training of the professional, through the RPH Group, which will be integrated in the Nuclear Medicine Service.

  • 2

    Knowledge of the Nuclear Medicine Service

    During the second phase, also lasting for one month, the professional becomes aware of the particularities of the Nuclear Medicine Service of the client.

  • 3

    Process Improvement

    With a duration of four months, the third phase is aimed at improving the processes of the Nuclear Medicine Service of the client.

  • 4

    Management in Radiopharmacy

    The fourth and last phase lasts six months and is focused on the aspects of Management in Radiopharmacy.