RPH Donates Hand sanitizer to Hospital

The RPH Group, aware of the importance of the service it provides to society, at this very challenging moment in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, committed itself to donating 30% of the daily demand for Hand sanitizer to Ernesto Dornelles Hospital (HED), in Porto Alegre, RS, for 2 months. The Group’s CEO, Rafael Madke, commented on the choice for Hospital Ernesto Dornelles: “it is one of the hospitals that is on the front line in the fight against Covid-19 here in Porto Alegre”.

The first load of 300 kg of Hand sanitizer was delivered on April 13, 2020 and the second on May 13, 2020. According to HED’s Planning Coordinator, Everton Meyer Morais, donations are making a big difference in the the hospital day, during the pandemic, since the product is already in short supply in most of its suppliers.

The action was a result of the hard work of the multidisciplinary teams of the RPH Group, so we would like to thank all the employees who joined this challenge so that it was possible to make the donation in the shortest possible time. We thank HED and all other hospitals that are working hard to save lives. We are together in this challenge.