About Us

The RPH Group’s mission is to promote the quality of life of the population through technology applied to health. We seek to be the leading brand in the supply of products and services for diagnosis and treatment in the Latin American market, and we value quality, credibility, integrity, teamwork, sustainable growth and exceeding the expectations of our customers and end consumers.

We deliver complete solutions for doctors, clinics and hospitals, in Nuclear Medicine, through our three business units.



Pharmaceutical industry that produces and commerciallize Cold Kits – lyophilized reagent kits. Injectable drugs or radiopharmaceuticals that, when complexed with radiation,  allow  visualizing  the  physiological  processes  in  a  non-invasive  way  using appropriate imaging equipment.


Offers training in Hospital, PET and Industrial Radiopharmacy areas, besides management services in Radiopharmacy. With more than 15 years of experience in the Latin American Nuclear Medicine market and with professionals specialized in Radiopharmacy, we work to promote new technologies, implementation of Good Manipulation Practices and the adequacy of Nuclear Medicine Services to the current legislation.


Centralized Radiopharmacy that manipulates and distributes to the services of Nuclear Medicine, by medical prescription, individual doses of  radiopharmaceuticals ready for administration in patients.