We are here for you

The RPH Group, aware of the importance of the service it provides to society, at this very challenging moment in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, reinforce its mission of providing the health market with solutions with quality and innovation.

With an engaged and high performance team, we are here, present and committed, to guarantee the supply of our clients in the Nuclear Medicine segment. We know that maintaining these services is essential for patients, many of whom are in very poor health, who need to perform imaging tests and continue their treatments.

GRUPORPH’s great purpose is to contribute to the patient’s health in the first place, for which we dedicate ourselves entirely. We have as pillars innovative and intelligent processes, but mainly, Employees who are at the forefront in our operation, quality, services and distribution. More than professionalism, these workers demonstrate their dedication and love to the population.

So count on us! We are together in this challenge and we are sure that we will emerge even stronger from this battle.