RPH Group acquires HVL and establishes itself in the Brazilian smart logistics market

In July 2019, the RPH Group concluded the acquisition of HVL Radiological Protection Advisory and Planning Company Ltd., a national leader in the transport of radioactive products.

“The negotiation with the RPH Group aimed to add new products to HVL, enable it to deliver complete solutions and be the company of choice in the nuclear medicine market,” said Antônio Nunes, director of HVL, who will remain in office.

“Logistics is a critical point for the radiopharmacy business. The RPH Group always seeks innovation and we would not be complete if we did not have control over the logistics of our products and services. HVL was the company of choice for its structure, dynamism and quality of service, ”said Rafael Madke, CEO of the RPH Group.

HVL will be called RPH LOG, the logistic arm of the Group. The incorporation of this know-how will allow us to create integrated products & services solutions, aiming at cost reduction and perfect operation of our customers. In the industry market, the company will be called HVL Log.

All HVL employees will remain at RPH LOG / HVL Log. All HVL suppliers, services and support to date will be maintained.

Customer contracts and other adjustments to the new company should be made as necessary.

The phones and address are kept until further communication.