RPH Central Pharma supplies innovative radiopharmaceuticals

Centralized Radiopharmacy is already a reality in Brazil. In operation since the end of November, when its operating license was published, RPH Central Pharma (RFC) already serves Nuclear Medicine Services of the city of São Paulo, delivering all the radiopharmaceutical doses necessary to its routines. With a staff prepared and willing to meet the demands of the Nuclear Medicine Services, the RFC delivers doses within a weekly package, taking into account the routine of each service.

In addition, the Centralized Radiopharmacy also provides unit doses of Ga-68 labeled peptides and innovative Tc-99m-labeled radiopharmaceuticals. In the latter group, since the second week of February, the Tc99m-labeled MAG-3, the gold standard radiopharmaceutical used in dynamic renal studies, has been available since the second week of February and was no longer available in Brazil for more than a decade.