RPH and TELIX GROUP enter into “one-step” kit manufacturing and distribution agreement for the Brazilian and Latin American markets

The RPH Group has entered into a partnership agreement with TELIX Pharmaceuticals Limited, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of diagnostic and therapeutic products based on site-directed radiopharmaceuticals or “molecular target radiation” (MTR). The RPH Group will be the official manufacturer and market in Brazil the product TLX591-CDx (68GaPSMA-11) used for imaging of recurrence of prostate cancer with positron emission tomography (PET). In the future it is planned to include more TELIX products in the partnership. The RPH Group will also be responsible for the manufacture of the product that will be distributed by ANMI-TELIX to more than 15 countries in Latin America.

About TELIX:
Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited, based in Melbourne, Australia, has a product development strategy that integrates and adds value to standard care. Its pipeline currently focuses on unmet cancer treatment needs, specifically prostate, kidney (kidney) and glioblastoma (brain) cancer. http://www.telixpharma.com/about-us/