The RPHOSTEO (medronic acid) Market Authorization

We are very pleased to inform that our product  RPHOSTEO (medronic acid), is the first Cold Kit in the Brazilian radiopharmacy history to obtain  Market Authorization (MA) by Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA). Our future steps will be, complete the licenses process of other products from our portfolio, which have already been applied at ANVISA as well.

This great achievement in addition to the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) enable RPHOSTEO to enter the world market, attesting that RPHOSTEO meets all the regulatory requirements to be commercialized in Brazil.

Be sure, RPH Group will continue to work hard and with great commitment to offer the best products and services, always seeking to comply with current regulations.

* In accordance with local regulations, all Cold Kits of the RPH Group are authorized to sell through a special license.